Saturday, March 22, 2014

Extended Dreams

Good day friends! Welcome to my office! "just kidding" lol :-p Any ways... Have you ever tried to dreamed of yourself inside an innovated and advanced office? Since I've watched Sci-Fi movies like "Ender's Game", "Pacific Rim", "Transformenrs", "Gravity", "Iron Man", etc. I started to dream of an advance office with full of interactive technology that you can develop an object to help other people, or to make your works easy. It feels realy good to enter the colony of advanced and integrated technology. Holograms, voice recognition, life-sized human technology systems, and many more.

Initially, my dream is only to go outerspace. I really want to see the view of the earth catching the sunlight and bouncing its brightness to the moon as the moon bounces its brightness to earth. I also wanted to feel foating in the air only to find out if I will vomit or my stomach will stay calm.

One thing more, I also wanted to find out if there are also planets with living organisms like us. I wanna answer my questions about this topic on how they look? Do they look like humans? animals? or like dinausors?