Thursday, May 30, 2013

Time Management

From the moment we were born, our time already takes an existence and as we grow older, we might encounter a lot of hindrances on our way when we do our responsibilities. Stepping forward, we meet many people where we build relationship and share various ideas within a time.

Time is one the most important coin we can ever have in life. One reason is that everything we wanted to do, see, feel, touch and experience can only happen within the time we are given.

We should use it for wiser purposes because it will never come back again when wasted. (Credits: Blender

    Wednesday, May 29, 2013

    The Thirst

    Every person experienced thirst. This is when your throat is becoming dry all the way and you feel excited to fill it down by cold liquid drink.

    There are many ways to use the word “Thirst” and translate it for another meaning. For example: if your love life status is still single, have you ever tried to dream of a person who will love you the way you are? Well if then, you are totally experiencing “Thirst in Love life”.

    Basically, the reason behind why I made this simple 3D image is that, I was absolutely inspired by the different 3D artists who are successful by now all the way to their career. I want to learn more and develop my skill in making 3D artworks so that I may have a chance to become an art contributor around 3D artwork industries.

    As Anton Chekhov say, “the thirst for powerful sensations takes the upper hand both over fear and over compassion for the grief of others.”

    If you have a goal, always prepare yourself to achieve it bacause no body knows, someday you'll be upstairs and succeeded your goal.

    Tuesday, May 21, 2013

    Regie Soda Can "3D"

    Time-to-time, I always borrow one of my cousin’s magazine featuring the viewpoint of creating different 3D artworks. One of the artwork wherein I got inspired of is the “Soda Can”. I’m not pretty sure what particular 3D application is that made of. I was just curious if it’s hard to mold and create an artwork like this. Until I told myself, why didn’t I make my own???

    First, I’ve watched several tutorials from different You Tube channels and other websites about making a soda can. While I’m watching the video tutorials, I realized that molding a soda can in Blender is just easy & simple. I just have to practice all the way to make my hand mold a soda can rapidly. It makes me more excited.

    I actually don’t expect myself as a beginner that I can form a 3D artwork like this. I just made myself to be patient on this. I sometimes experienced trial-and-errors on forming the body and lip of the can. Until I finished the accurate rendering of the can.

    In fact, designing is never rush. There are many days, weeks, or months for doing this. But for few hours, I happily finished decorating my own Soda Can.

    There are many ways to get inspired these days. For designers like me, looking through design pieces around the internet help us grow our ideas for current or future projects. However there are times that we encounter people pulling us down, it doesn’t matter if we are designers or not. Some quotes or phrase can inspire us to move forward and think creatively.

    Monday, May 20, 2013

    Soft Light TRON Balls

    Soft Light TRON Ball Environment (click for a larger view)
    Im realy a fan of TRON, that's why I made this Blender-Inspired TRON balls having the soft light environment absolutely simple and fair for the eyes to see.

    Saturday, May 18, 2013

    Ethical Usage With Social Media

    Social Media allows people to connect from others in a form of electronic communication such as websites for social networking and microblogging. With this method, they were able to generate online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other contents.

    There are numbers of issues about people’s treatment with social media sites. Some of them use it for negative purposes. Others doesn’t realize the effect when they perform this actions. They could harm innocent people by just one click. One issue of negative treatment to Social Media is “cyber bullying” or what we call the electronic posting of mean-spirited messages about a person often done anonymously.

    Others prefer to use social media for a favorable purposes. Professional people allows social media as a “tool for business”. By this, they can market and advertise their products and it can easily engage by those people who uses social media sites. The effect of this practice might carry their business forwards to success.

    People have different personalities, they have their own way to do what is wrong and what is right. People are now in a modern time - the time where innumerable technologies emerge. People have the choices to use it for a helpful or undesirable purposes but they should be prepared and accept the consequences that may come.

    Remember: “Social Media are created to help people and not to harm people.”

    Friday, May 10, 2013

    My Graphics & Animation Training at La Union

    Mr. Reynante M. Martinez
    Last April 24 to 25, 2013, I have attended a Two-day Training on Graphics and Animation for ICT Professionals in Region I. The event was held at the CHEDROI Conference Hall, 3rd Floor, HEDC Building, Government Center, Sevilla, City of San Fernando, La Union.

    Engr. Reyen M. Sabate
    (Officer In-Charge)
    During the first day of the training, Mr. Reynante M. Martinez, a lightning artist, art contributor, CG generalist and the Speaker of the event, introduces the basic concepts about the open source applications that can be used for 3D Animation. The first open source application that has been introduced to us is the “BLENDER” which is used to create and mold a 3D object/character. The second one is “GIMP” which is used for editing/enhancing images to be imported on a blender project and vice-versa and is similar with Adobe Photoshop.

    During the second day of the training, the participants of the training were able to create a 3D environment for a Model. We were also able to focused adding light and virtual lightning to the scene. Afterwards, we’re able to create our first animation.

    It was a fun filled experienced and I am proud to be a part of that Two-day Training because I gain a lot and I can share additional knowledge to my friends.

    Blender Institute's Big Buck Bunny

    Big Buck Bunny (code-named Peach) is a short computer animated film by the Blender Institute, part of the Blender Foundation. Like the foundation's previous film Elephants Dream, the film was made using Blender, a free software application for animation made by the same foundation. It was released as an Open Source film under Creative Commons License Attribution 3.0.

    Source: WIKIPEDIA

    Wednesday, May 8, 2013

    Digital Jive : A Business Idea

    Photo overview of my business idea
    Good day, have you ever try to plan a business that suits best with your profession? I have this dream business called "Digital Jive". I know that I can apply my skill on this business.

    Check Crazy Business Idea page to have an overview about my business plan.

    Monday, May 6, 2013

    Welcome To My Official Blog!

    Good Day Fellows! I’m pleased to welcome you at my personal blog site. Feel free to know more about my profile.

    This blog site of mine is the most updated that the other blogsites that I have. I hope you liked my blog, please subscribe to me or join my blog site.

    Thanks for visiting. It’s such a great honor to me.