Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Regie Soda Can "3D"

Time-to-time, I always borrow one of my cousin’s magazine featuring the viewpoint of creating different 3D artworks. One of the artwork wherein I got inspired of is the “Soda Can”. I’m not pretty sure what particular 3D application is that made of. I was just curious if it’s hard to mold and create an artwork like this. Until I told myself, why didn’t I make my own???

First, I’ve watched several tutorials from different You Tube channels and other websites about making a soda can. While I’m watching the video tutorials, I realized that molding a soda can in Blender is just easy & simple. I just have to practice all the way to make my hand mold a soda can rapidly. It makes me more excited.

I actually don’t expect myself as a beginner that I can form a 3D artwork like this. I just made myself to be patient on this. I sometimes experienced trial-and-errors on forming the body and lip of the can. Until I finished the accurate rendering of the can.

In fact, designing is never rush. There are many days, weeks, or months for doing this. But for few hours, I happily finished decorating my own Soda Can.

There are many ways to get inspired these days. For designers like me, looking through design pieces around the internet help us grow our ideas for current or future projects. However there are times that we encounter people pulling us down, it doesn’t matter if we are designers or not. Some quotes or phrase can inspire us to move forward and think creatively.

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